Marquis Modern is owned and operated by Karen and Clay Marquis.  We began our journey in the mid-eighties as collectors of Art Deco and evolved into Mid Century Modern. In 2006, we lauched our website Marquis Modern. Fast forward 28 years and here we are!. Marquis Modern is located in Plantation, Florida. We purchased our home in March of 2016 for its uniqueness, beauty, and relevance; and we are utilizing it as a platform to showcase our merchandise in a most unique setting which is our home, “Maison de Marquis Modern.” We hope you will visit us if you are in Southern Florida. Of course, you are welcome to purchase items on-line as we ship worldwide.

We search near and far to bring back the most unusual Mid Century Modern furniture, art, lighting, and decorative items. Please note that not everything makes it to our website so feel free to inquire if you are looking for something specific.